Riaz Fredericks

About Me

Born 1973 in South Africa, raised in Australia, lived in Hong Kong, Ireland, England and Costa Rica and have now settled down in Los Angeles, California. 

I’m married and for the last seven years have enjoyed my most challenging role as a stay-at-home dad to three rambunctious kids. Prior to that, I played professional rugby at the highest levels in countries around the world. At the peak of my rugby career, I played with and against some of the world’s best rugby players on some of the world’s largest stages.

The Game They Play In Heaven!

The Game They Play In Heaven!

Early in my rugby career, when I was just 18, I herniated a disc in my lower back. That injury threatened to end my professional rugby career before it began. I was able to battle back from that injury with extensive physical therapy and hard work, but my luck ended when, at 35, I ruptured that same disc putting an end to my two decade long career.

The longevity of my career is attributable to learning to live with and manage all forms of lower back pain and chronic neck and shoulder pain. I became very good at surrounding myself with a team of knowledgeable therapists for every kind a pain flare-up. Eventually though surgery became my only option and I used it as a chance to start again from the best possible place I could to build a normal, pain-free life for myself.

Riaz Fredericks. September 19th 1999 in action for Ulster Vs Ireland XV

Rehab Like A Pro-Athlete!

I had been through the injury rehab process countless times as a professional athlete and all the basics of rehab were imprinted in my mind, but after my surgery I experimented with new techniques to focus on strengthening my abdominal wall muscles. Along with an emphasis on hydrating and softening hardened connective tissue (fascia) and muscles to allow my body to move more freely, to reduce stress and tension on my spinal system and to eliminate pain.

My experimentation lead to a truly miraculous recovery! What I was able to do is unheard of for individuals who have a history of pain as lengthy as mine, and who require surgery that has a 90% success rate, with a 10% chance of needing further surgery and a much high percentage of reoccurring pain symptoms returning. Guys like me usually end up having multiple surgeries, never regain their full range of pelvic-lumbar mobility, and spend the rest of their lives in pain and on medication.

Learning From The Best!

Learning From The Best!

Excited about what I had discovered, I went to work in 2010 to create The Bula Method, which is designed specifically to help people overcome their chronic pain conditions. The exercises and methodology behind my physical transformation are now available to anyone.

While developing The Bula Method and to further understand the deeper concepts of what and how I was able to successfully transform my body, I enrolled in physical educational programs in the cutting edge field of Fascial Fitness and learned from one of the world’s best, Dr. Robert Schleip. Hungry to learn more about the inner working of human anatomy, functional movement and all the benefits that come with having a strong respiratory system, I enrolled into a 6-month Yoga teacher-training program and gained a certification to teach yoga in 2013.

Fascial Fitnesses Doctor Of Movement Dr. Robert Schleip and his eager pupil Riaz Fredericks.

Sharing My Gift Through Teaching.

Now I spend my time spreading the word about The Bula Method on my website, in private and group sessions and at corporate workshops. It is my goal to share the transformational benefits of my system with anyone suffering from chornic back pain conditions. I was able to change my life and I know you can too!

Let us know any questions you have..