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Bula Ball Website Re-launch Update!

Thank You Team Shopodex

Bula Re-launch Update!!

In mid-April I posted an announcement that we were working towards re-launching our business, The Bula Ball Method 2.0, while still fulfilling my responsibilities to my young family.
Thanks to the Shopodex team

Thanks to the Shopodex team

Almost 7 months later and we are still building all the infrastructure, data and content needed for our e-commerce platform. Who knew there was so much detail that goes into building a business from the ground up! I want to send a huge thank you Alister Harris and his team at Shopodex for all the expert advice, guidance and above all patience! These guys have made this process completely stress-free and I’m really excited to see the finished product. If you have a minute please head over and take a look at what we have, things are certain to change, but I'm proud of the work we have done.

What Bula has achieved so far

In the last 7 months we have received new stock and will be releasing a sneak peak product picture soon. I’ve worked my first prehab/recovery station at the #aspenruggerfest sporting event and thanks to #acologyproducts in Santa Monica our products are being sold in a leading health and wellness shop front. L.A people stay tuned for some more upcoming local events! 

Big shout out to our Facebook fans

I also want to give a big shout out to Bronwyn Kazmer, Riyaana Harman, Liam Cosgriff, Peter Burke, Summer Harlow, Jorge Carvajal, Anwar Fredericks and Antonia Nelson for sharing our content on your Facebook pages! And a special shout out to Mark Devlin, Rachelle TheWellness Chick, Linda Scates, Shireen Adolphus, Hayden Mathys, Travis Adams, Adam Knight, Casey Clark, Chris Kantouros and Geraint Beynon for all their kind words and awesome reviews! Thank you so much guys!! I really appreciate you sharing your experience of working with me and my Bula system. This kind of social media presence is so critical in the way digital business operates today. So, thank you again!!

Stay tuned for our up coming launch

Stay tuned as we edge closer and closer to our re-launch, we will be giving away special offers and giveaways only to our Facebook fans as we test our e-commerce functionality and our other business platforms! Thanks again to everyone, so grateful for all your support. Kindly, Riaz