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Revolutionary method for fighting chronic back pain through exercise

Hi, I am Riaz Fredericks. I’m a health and wellness professional with a difference – I specialize in teaching my clients how to overcome their chronic pain conditions. After two decades playing professional rugby, I was living in constant neck, shoulder and lower back pain. I tried every treatment available and understand how pain can settle into your muscles, connective tissue (fascia) and joints and make getting through each day an almost unbearable struggle.

Through hard work, a ton of research and a lot of time, I learned how to reverse the conditions that led to my own chronic pain and I am here to help you do the same.

In addition to offering private and group sessions focusing on identifying and releasing pain, I also created The Bula Method, a fascial-fitness program that fights back pain through well-crafted alternative exercises that target both the connective tissue system (fascial system) and the muscular system to change the physical dynamics of how your body stores and refers pain.

The Bula Method transformed my posture and movement patterns and allowed me to finally break free of my decades-long struggle with pain. I teach simple proven techniques that can easily be applied daily and offer the tools in the form of myofascial release Bula Balls, yoga stability blocks and my Bula method DVD’s to help my clients break free from chronic pain.

Chronic back pain dominated a large part of my adult life, it stole opportunities from me, affected personal relationships and took me down paths I wished and had never been on. Overcoming chronic pain has been the miracle of my life and for the past five years I have made it my passion to share what I have discovered with those in need. Helping others gives me purpose in life and I thrive on watching my clients discover what their bodies can do when not in constant pain.

If you live or work in the greater Los Angeles area, I offer:

* Private personalized 1-on-1 sessions

* Private group sessions

* Private corporate wellness workshops

If you are outside of Los Angeles you can purchase The Bula Method DVDs and products or check me out on YouTube.

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Ultimately I Cured My Chronic Back Pain.

I took a new and innovative approach to rehab, recovery and back pain management, which had immediate back pain relieving benefits as well as long-term long lasting back pain mitigation. An approach that would help me to ultimately resolve my chronic back pain conditions in both my neck and lower back. The exercises, I exclusively experimented with followed a methodology of trying to create a deep internal musculoskeletal stabilizing force around the lumbar-pelvic area, while also at the same time working hard to create a more supple elastic exterior in the body’s muscle and fascial (myofascial) tissue systems.

Supported By Leading Researcher.

To further my education and better understand how the fascial system works, I gained a Fascial Fitness certification studying with one of the worlds leading researchers, Dr. Robert Schleip. Hungry to learn more about the inner working of human anatomy, functional movement and all the benefits that come with having a strong respiratory system, I enrolled into a 6-month Yoga teacher-training program and gained certification to teach yoga in 2013.

BulaBall Method Resolving Chronic Back Pain Since 2010

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